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08 December 2009

Lisa del Giocondo

2009 - Tsofit

In this image Lisa del Giocondo is not passive as she appears in that painting.

04 July 2009


2009 - Tsofit

Borges said in one of his texts that the present lasts just a moment. When we concentrate on something - such as thinking over which hand to choose - the present continues, until we make the choice.

13 January 2009

The Quartet

2009 - Ramat-Hakovesh, Israel

After George Grosz: "The world is owned by four breeds of pig: the capitalist, the officer, the priest and the hooker".

01 October 2005

12 August 2005


2005 - Tsofit

Pomage is a sort of photo-text work, like the works that were created since the conceptual art period and also previously. Pomage - poetic image - is an image combined with a poetic text, a text that has some poetic value.

Pomage is a trademark of David Averbuch, Tsofit, Israel. Permission is hereby granted to everyone to use this concept.