25 November 2023

Corn Field

2023 - Tsofit

To become soon residential area.

27 October 2023

The Stoa of Attalos

2023 - Athens, Greece

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Hippie Hamasnik

2023 - Athens, Greece

When I took the photo of this man - on the 12 of October - I was worried that he received a message regarding the worldwide day of rage that was announced for the next day. Only when viewing the photo on my desktop screen I noticed that he had 2 string anklets and at least 3 nostril-piercings, apart being elegantly dressed.

Four Young Women at the Kerameikos

2023 - Athens, Greece

Leg of Woman who sat next to me on a Bench at the Acropolis

2023 - Athen, Greece

30 July 2023

Nepal (around Annapurna and Annapurna Base Camp)

October 1995, scanned from slides.

Two Children


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Nepal (Everest Base Camp)

March 1989, scanned from slides.


Everest Base Camp

More touristic photos from Nepal here.

18 July 2023

Opera Workshop

2023 - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Cosi Fan Tutte

Romeo and Juliet