17 May 2023


July 1988, scanned from slides.

Man and Woman in Subway

Japanese Monk

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27 February 2023

To the Cemetery

2023 - Gan-Hayim, Israel
The title is a translation of the upper signboard.

23 December 2022


July 1987 - January 1988, scanned from slides.

Self-Portrait, New-Delhi

Two Children and Boat, Puri

Barber, Srinagar

Shepherd, Kashmir

Landscape, Ladakh

Stupas, Ladakh

Poor and not-so-Poor Twigs Gleaners, Ladakh

Peasant, Ladakh

Sacred Site, McLeod Ganj

Chess, Delhi

Two Monkeys, Varanasi

Man with Orange Turban, Pushkar

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31 October 2022


2022 - Erfurt, Germany
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