04 July 2009

Hand and Two Balls

2009 - Tsofit


2009 - Tsofit
Borges said in one of his texts that the present lasts just a moment. When we concentrate on something - such as thinking over which hand to choose - the present continues, until we make the choice.

24 May 2009

Death - unlike the insect - may not be decoyed

2009 - Tsofit
1716 / Emily Dickinson
Death is like the insect
Menacing the tree,
Competent to kill it,
But decoyed may be.

23 March 2009

Wailing Wall

2009 - Tel-Aviv, Israel
Homage to Ali Mohar who once said - following intention to build artificial islands in the sea opposite to Tel-Aviv - that one of the few things that we still have for free is the view of the horizon line.